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There are many links to forums suggesting topics such as the ‘forbidden Archaeology’ and the existence of ‘previous or existing civilisations, with possible life forms located on planets and satellites within our solar system’. To add salt into the wound, without research or understanding there are those that suggest photographic evidence are hoaxes or a form of hyperactive imagination, or pseudo-science.  UFO’s, lost Civilisations, the human timeline, previous earth disasters…..the list goes on.

The existence of photographic evidence and scientific research portrays that these findings are truths, based on collated facts only to be received with ridicule and further suggestion of photographs having been altered in some way or another. This inevitably injects ‘doubt, and places a veil over possible ‘real’ truth.  Ok, there are those out there that are pranksters, some with an IQ of amoeba either working for or supporting, naively the governments whitewash we have to ask ourselves, ‘ Are we that naive? ‘Unfortunately, yes! We seem to be very sensitive to these types of changes and it is outside our comfort zone.

One can say that the reason for denial is to accept a new paradigm or new way of thinking. This will mean having to adjust or get rid of old concepts that are very close, like faith, views on religion, our individual standpoint on everything, science and new order and responsibilities, if any within the  cosmological community…

The main question is ‘For what reason does the powers that be, hide information that the world could and can adapt to’?

Are ‘the ‘powers that be’,  scared of possible panic, breakdown of institutions, such as religion, politics, finance, loss of power and influence or manipulation? Could be…

You don’t have to be asked to believe everything you hear or read. Only to have free will to look at the concept presented to you and for you to research the topic in question yourself.  By discussing with some of the more open universities and or government research agencies or facilities, (and those not scared of any consequence from signing the Official Secrets Act) in fact anyone associated with the topics you are researching. The basis of all research, the true evidence is out there if you look for it. This is what science investigative research is all about.

Governments rely on the woven webs of dis-information networks, unfortunately it does stem within the corridors of power and having the control over the people within society.

Myths and misdirection of information is common place today but where there are myths, you do have a basis of truth – all myths and suspicions originate from some point or place as you can appreciate – the same basis as ‘inventions are based upon old ideas:  ‘technology is an advancement of old ideas’. For example, war is a good example of speeding up technology advancement, through adaption and necessity, originated from a point of origin – an old idea?

There is a cover up on a large scale concerning our history and science. It is evident and includes subject matter from today’s media publicity. Again, this can unfortunately be used as a source of misdirection and this has also been evident in very recent times.  There is the origin of the source and that stems from the idea with truth as a basis. The decision and action is dependent on how one uses it.

Corrupt politicians financial sectors, religious sects, and media. All out to manipulate, the hardworking everyday man, woman and child. The evidence is out there, some countries with their people in real hardship have come out in protest, some with violent protest others not. Those comfortable with their lives may prefer not to upset the status quo and except their ‘programming’. These countries and politicians have proven over the years, to be reasonably balanced with their policies and actions however, there is a very fine line that can be at times stretched and only a good politician can recover from their negligent decisions or actions in which they have executed. This can be described as a possible model for the Western World and of leader’s policies. I am sure some may wish to discuss this topic further or dismiss it totally; you are free to do that…..

There are those of us not fully content with what we hear or see; ‘the few’ that see outside the box and will scrape the surface to see what is underneath.

To see another life, another existence with the veil lifted and we have to ask ourselves, ‘What is going on’?  ‘Why the misdirection’?  ‘What don’t you want us to know’? Or is it because we have been doing it for so long it is now inherent?

The people that look outside the box are not  all ‘bad people, eccentrics, mad, delusional, whatever label you wish to associate them with’,  some of them may see something that others may not and should be allowed to air their views no matter how absurd it may seem at the time. Everyone has a different level of perception and can be described like an instrument. There may be different notes playing however each note has a wavelength, some can hear it, some cannot. There are those that find the sound terrible and choose not to listen. For some the strange sound captures lost emotions or the truth, the essence of the instrument. I am sure you understand the analogy.

By listening and discussed openly, constructively, debated to record and conclude findings contribute to the future generations and possibly the survival of humankind.

Humans by nature are inquisitive, our DNA, our diversity, exploration, expansion into unknown territories has expanded the human consciousness from the sub-molecular to the cosmological. Deceit, greed, selfishness, is a part of us all but it doesn’t have to be our downfall?   Let us see our past and prepare our future and our survival by understanding how our universe works.

We may be in the ‘belly of the machine’ and perhaps, not supposed to be there, but since we are, we need to learn and survive.

As for Politicians, they are the representative of the ‘parent’, the people, not the other way around, like a ‘child’, they have to be reminded of their responsibility to the ‘family’ and their behaviour does need to be rectified with punishments, as appropriate – (note: not always violent). However, there are two extremes, some countries in the world that have let their governments dictate too long or on the other hand, governments have been worn down by the idyllic mind set values of well-minded people not fully grasping the concept of the consequences of their actions and due to political correctness allowing extremism, to creep into their culture. Unfortunately peaceful countries have allowed this, based upon the idea of not facing the truth and passing it off to the next government term of office. Diversity is not a bad thing and encourages new ideas; ‘freedom of ‘speech’, that is ok and good if both parties work for the same goal. This is not the case, as is quite blatant in society today and extremism is a disaster waiting to happen and contributes further to the mistrust of governments and countries, in this case, the ‘people’ controlling the ‘government’ and wanting to play with real guns and that is dangerous and irresponsible also. As you can appreciate, it can be a very delicate balancing act. It is defining what is right and what is wrong from an early age and getting everyone to agree with it, (preferably world- wide)  Again, like listening to the instrument, we all have our perception to what is right and wrong and to get to that point will most likely out live the human species. Open for debate, if not too late…

The film ‘The Matrix’ if familiar, is a form of entertainment, however gives one a different perspective on how we look at things, an example of looking outside the box, perhaps there should be more of us that do it.

Nigel G Wilcox  Rev. 03/02/12

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Controversial or Forbidden Studies

Within Science circles, there is what seems to be an unwritten law, ” If we don’t understand something, shelve it until we do, or not talk about it until the public are ready for it”!

We can’t blame all scientists for keeping quiet, as there is also Government Influences at work pressurising with suggesting, by disclosure there could be possible threats of ‘imaginable’ consequences. If not with Government, ‘sanctions’; then some national agency or threats to pull funding from research institutions.

Paranoia, or insecurity, via weak politicians or their bureaucratic machinery, worried about retaining their jobs, both spring to mind, and one with a ground perspective can perceive this whole picture as pathetic.

Even within science there are subjects of discussion that are ‘out of bounds’ to name some topics:

1. UFOs

2. Cattle mutilation

3. Giants

4. Sumerians (Anunnaki, civilisation)

5. Past Civilisations on our planets within our Solar system and existing contact with       Alien forms.

When there are interests in these and other ‘forbidden’ topics, individuals are ridiculed and accused of focusing on pseudo- sciences. I understand the term, however, still not sure what is meant by it, especially when they raise interesting questions that requires some honest form of explanation or answers based on established sources and documented scientific research. Why should an honest question not receive an honest explanation and be avoided to the common man in the street?

What gives the Governments the right to hold back important information that effect’s us all as a species?  Panic, is a common explanation!  An easy dismissal response and in my opinion, perhaps this is true in the USA; (without sounding disrespectful), but I like to think there is a little more sophistication in the rest of the world; give or take the warring factors of some of the world backward countries, that however, is an argument for another day and the latter term most politicians seem to use every day also.

As an answer, by using the explanation ‘Panic’ the  Politian’s have  admitted a consequence, consciously or subconsciously, of a possible truth and there is something they are hiding, something they don’t want the public to know about and returns us back to the main question. What are they hiding?

To understand some of the forbidden topics check out and go to the publication’ Paragon of Space’ (more detailed reviews) via the menu  to Topics of Interest and the discussion s of the Unexplained Cover ups and Pseudo Sciences or  ‘Paragon of Metal Detecting’, this discusses Archaeological and Geological aspects that raise some interesting questions (bulleted). ‘Click’ on the site map and look for ‘Controversial Studies’.

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Nibiru aka Planet X (2003 to 2014) A Cover Up?

I have looked at the second video; (featured on page 3 Ref: a number of times and yes, it does have that frustrating American hype and media religious promotion.  Some viewers may be excused in believing it is, an ‘OTT’ presentation. Put ‘first impressions’ to one side for now…

I too was a little sceptical at first, and normally would dismiss it. However, all said, scraping the surface, and looking at what is suggested and observing the events arounf the world, (in-between scratching my head) conceding to the many coincidences arrived from personal research, it is something that I cannot ignore.

Do look at the science and do further research before you arrive at your own conclusion,

By looking at early artefacts and researching the history of the Sumerians within the early periods of human history, this study does become compelling.  History was recorded and written by hand, on stone tablets, (we could learn from this – considering todays methods of storing information?) scrolls, re-written and misinterpreted and/or manipulated over the centuries by religious leaders, politicians, monarch’s (call them what you will). Also, methods of storage and the use of language in the recording of the events makes interpreting difficult for scholars not familiar initially, with the text or cultures of that period. So, it is not surprising we have no or little knowledge of Mankind’ s very early history.  Only in modern times, within the 21st Century, our technology is now helping us to discover and perhaps re-discover our past at a rapid rate.

Archaeologists have discovered large cities deep under the sea, as described in earlier texts and were previously classified by historians as myths. These civilisations existed and then suddenly disappeared, why?   We can forgive the ancients and their archives perhaps, for our patchy past, (with exception to the already mentioned manipulators of our history) especially if some major events had taken place causing serious world-wide catastrophes and possibly the near destruction of Earth and the near wiping out of human civilisation?

When we look at our world-wide religions today, we can see, match and collate corresponding recorded events and link it to form a part of a larger ‘jig-saw puzzle’. Today’s technology and resources allows us to compare data and build upon a hypothesis with current or today’s’ disciplines.

We can look at the ‘Great Flood  – Noah’ from the Christian scriptures of the Bible, and suggest it was exaggerated! But was it? When we look at the science, geographically and geologically, logical explanations can be hypothesised and extracted. With new evidence being found everyday it allows us to build on our current knowledge and agree that such events did actually happen.

The Sumerians prove to be an interesting civilisation. In particular the Anunnaki, an advanced ‘people’ with advanced knowledge to what seems to be beyond their evolutionary development for their time. [Ref: Archaeologist and writer  Zecharia Sitchin suggests the Anunnaki existed 500,000 years ago – Laurence Gardner suggests 50,000 Years ago].  The Anunnaki, described our Solar System by scribing on rock tablets showing orbits of planets and what seems to be modern forms of transportation, cars, aeroplanes, submarines, space rockets [Ref: British Museum].

In later years; forgotten and erased from memory, only for the tablets and their meanings to be re-discovered within the last 300 years, This does raise questions…

Like a jig-saw puzzle, the pieces are slowly being put together and with science paralled with historical religious texts, we are discovering the more we learn about our past, the less we seem to know and we seem also to be less significant, within the order of ‘things’. Where we live, we are now learning, can be a very dangerous place.

The Anunnaki described the 10th planet ‘Nibiru’  with it’s own satellite moons will travel  an elliptical orbit with a 3600 year cycle travelling beyond the orbit of what we now call the dwarf planet Pluto and beyond. During this cycle Nibiru will eventually return within our known Solar System causing what we would describe as total chaos, eventually crossing orbits of Neptune and Uranus and falling in line with Earth’s orbit, before moving out to start it’s 3600 year cycle again.

Unfortunately, Nibiru is now due for it’s return after it’s long journey to it’s inner solar system, (our solar system) and will travel through the Oort Cloud, consisting of a dense Astroid field, (described as a major source or origins of  comets within our system) during it’s journey it will push through the debris with force, destroying and pushing Astroids across the Solar System,  some will  inevitably be sent towards Earth. Nibiru’s mass (size), and it’s moon’s will cause gravitational pulls of the planets as it travels through the orbits. It is also suggested  as it passes Earth, the gravitational pull will ‘flip’ our poles due to Nibiru’s heavy magnetic composition, this will likely cause global flooding and major earthquakes on Earth with serious consequenses.

The Anunnaki suggest within their text and symbolic diagrams; there are twelve planets. Earth is numbered 7th, counting in, from the outside edge of our Solar System.  We are only now discovering, eliminating and agreeing with their findings. Watch the following video to continue to piece together the jig-saw puzzle, topics based on some of the following events that is happening on the Earth today:

EVENTS: (Check with other scientific sources)

-Nibiru enters our Solar System – large mass (size of Jupiter) = gravity
-Weather – floods, drought – increased activity
-Food shortages – increased activity
-Earthquakes – gravitational Magnitude 6-8 – increased activity
-Poles – Reversal – via gravitational pull from Nibiru – Pending on close encounter
-Tectonic Plates regular adjustments – increased activity
-Sink Holes – increased activity
-Bad Smells and gases released from the ground – increased activity
-Earth Wobble – gravitational – present (Check other data)
-Strange cloud formations – increased activity
-High tides – gravitational – increased activity
-Sun Solar flares – Climax 2012 – increased activity
-Earth Natural Shields are not protecting the earth from radiation – they are out of phase – down – Ionosphere no longer where it should be?  Current
-Oort cloud – mass, meteorites, comets – increased activity
-Sun has a companion in a wide orbit eventually crashing through Oort cloud hitting    asteroids and sending them everywhere including Earth. – Major event pending however – increased gravitational activity
– Eclipse – Nibiru between Earth and the Sun – future event – pending
– All planets in our Solar System are experiencing global warming – increased activity
– Animal hyperactivity – pending

-Governments are aware!
-Misinformation Programmes –  Slow down, decreased publication’s and/or information
-New Underground building programmes? – increased activity
-A Financial Crisis – true reasons?
-New emphasis on space exploration?  Completion of the Space Station?, Space Shuttles? Stand-down?
-Sun – Solar flares threatening to damage satellites and our Electric Grid System
-Electric grid effected, hence new build protection or buffers – increased activity
If you have dificulty in accepting the many religious, scientific events, presented in this video, you can always look on this video as another film classed as entertainment. Whatever you think, is your choice.

For those interested, you have some information, you could research the topics yourself. The information is out there if you are willing to look and keep searching through scientific journals. Asking senior politicians and not take ‘no’ for an answer. Unfortunately, you may not get much help from government departments and such agencies, that alone should sound off alarm bells?  It would be great if we were wrong! And government agencies could give us a straight answer and help us understand what is going on! Unfortunately, history and current behaviour by politicians, and powers that be highlighted in the media, has told us otherwise and attitudes are most likely not going to change very soon. Earth would have to freeze over first….’mmmm’, and even then the process will be like extracting teeth.

The science is available, the scriptures-history has recorded earlier events in our earth and human history, some events are happening and we can see it, feel it, touch it – what can we do about our findings ? Perhaps nothing much, except know and understand the TRUTH. We have that right as HUMAN beings, we come into this world on our own and we go out of it on our own, at least give us the choice to know with dignity!

‘No man or government is an Island!’

Nigel G Wilcox 23.06./update 06.07/2011

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The Decisions Of Government

Personally, (as a minority native, 51, speaking for the UK)

I will go as far as saying the government are… to blame, their education, Immigration, financial, social etc…policies that dictate the direction the country goes. Unfortunately, their decisions will and do cause hardship to the population hence the problems arising with crime, drug abuse and social unrest… Ok, there are those that follow the described direction, and that they have given up and fallen for the ‘free lunch’ (However, I do not defend their actions and burdens they place on other indigenous UK residents, but understand some of these people to have lost hope and faith in the system. I do resent however, those that have just arrived to reside in this country to expect to do the same and get away with it and do).  A statement and question to the government…..What do you expect, when your own house is not in order, and financial institutions, supported and directed by government that steal pensions from ‘their’ citizens that have fought a war and made the ultimate sacrifice, also those that have worked from the age of 14 experiencing high energy bills and poverty. I will go as far as extending the sacrifice to our current under equipped fighting forces. The government have penalised their own and encouraged foreigners to reside in our country, living off the backs of our countrymen, converting the culture to multi-ethnic and with some, injecting their criminal ‘way of life culture’, changing the religious faith of the country, for what? 

To be accepted into the European Union to be demoted, to become a third rate Country (this is to reflect our current import from third world countries) and to be looked upon by the rest of the world as a Joke.  How many foreign MP’s and or subordinates, have the power and influence to change British culture? To be able to take a back-hander and look the other way?  – Clue! Checkout the nationalities within the NHS, Local and Central Government, in most Professional Institutions, ironically, these people were educated in this country with grants from the government, most likely based on the so called ‘National Interest!’. (Whose interest? We may well ask)….

The politicians that do stand up for the Indigenous British people, (very far a few between) and their way of life, are coincidently; either ousted from their job, ridiculed into resignation or sacked, judged by the Status Quo, and media. (Another coincidence in our current climate), by the power-set as described. MP’s with personal opinions spring to mind and under-cover journalists.  Sooner or later, this country will have a Civil uprising, unless our native countrymen are just so suppressed. The alternative ? Well, for one, ‘The Western Mecca’.

[Nigel G Wilcox 23.12.10 ]

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!
Checkout the following Educational Site:

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What Will Happen in 2012?

What Will Happen In 2012 ?

Scientists, Religious Organisations And Even Politicians Are Showing Concern.   Unfortunately, We Have Not Been Told The Severity Of The Situation  – Perhaps For A Very Good Reason!

Check out what will happen in 2012, even the scientists are scratching their heads, and Einstein showed concern and interest after reading the scientific evidence.

Have you noticed, when large powers are concerned about something, they will explore and form case scenarios and even perhaps, commission the making of films about it…..There are films like: Towering Inferno, Volcano, Meteor, Da Vinci Code, X-Files, and now a film 2012 – the lists are endless.
I am sure, as I have seen them advertised, books on how to survive 2012 – ‘A get rich quick’ process (Makes me wonder how someone will be able to spend the money – but I digress). At this point, politicians, scientists and the religious sects are, concerned.
The Earth is a strange and wonderful fragile planet and like any living thing will have its good and bad days and eventually die one day. Scientists don’t think this will happen just yet, however, the planet is overdue for a large dramatic change as part of the planets evolution and the incident will be large enough to change most, if not all people’s lives. (History has provided us with evidence that these events have occurred before, thousands of years ago). We have seen some of it over the past recent years through environmental changes.  The most outstanding scenario, I subscribe to is concerned with ‘Pole shifts’ or ‘The Yellowstone eruption’. It does make interesting reading….

Some people relate this imminent phenomenon as a religious intervention and I can understand why people would do this, it’s natural for comfort and humans wanting to seek a possible higher intervention etc. Personally, I don’t think religion is involved; however the different and all in common sects have their place in society. For once, all agree, something will happen very soon and one date is prominent in most, if not all texts. The year 2012 or to be more precise, 21 December 2012.  (I do question – why the 21st and not any other date in 2012?). This is a very important date calculated from many different cultural calendars.  Now that is quite unusual for science and religion to agree on something without the blinkered rage that religion and science usually causes (e.g. Newton – Science and Religion Debates).

I am not subscribing for everyone to believe this, but to keep an open mind and look at some of the research – both religion and science have been wrong before, and no doubt will continue, well, Perhaps! …. This is a process of human evolution to debate problems and hopefully have the time to sort the problem out.  All I ask or suggest is that you look at the scientific research and the evidence that is being presented by some of the reputable scientific websites and decide for yourself – I don’t think ignorance is bliss and this is one reason I am making this statement. I apologise to those that do prefer ignorance, concerning the options – I respect that is your decision. Just remember, politicians will not publicise a catastrophe on this scale, as this will cause panic and we know what happens when panic strikes, common sense, law and order just ceases and everyone, is just out for themselves.

I don’t subscribe to ‘The End Is Nigh’ scenario either; I am a survivor and like to think we as a race will continue for a long time. But will we? Personally, I would like to think I am strong enough to face my mortality, and as an optimist, (yes, you read correctly) I am sure there is a chance or a probability factor, somewhere along the line for some of us to survive and continue life and in this type of situation. We have never lived through something like this, so who knows what will be the result – it will be guess work and or pattern probability as events unfold I am sure you would agree.  

Check out the following site at the end of this text, it does discuss ‘Predictions’, and "How to Survive’. Don’t let that put you off, or allow you to dismiss the research as another ‘Doomsday Prophecy’.  There is science and common sense explanations when you search for it.  And, if life does continue after the 21 December 2012 as we know it today, I do suggest we don’t ignore the research but to consider it seriously, as it will happen and it is imminent. So worth taking note for the survival of future generations.  Your choice!

 Nigel G Wilcox  04.11.09


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An Obituary

An Obituary You Really Must Read. An Obituary printed in the London Times –
Interesting and sadly rather true.

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has
been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his
birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be
remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:
– Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
– Why the early bird gets the worm;
– Life isn’t always fair;
– and maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more
than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but
overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy
charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from
school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding
an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job
that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent
to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform
parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and
criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar
in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to
realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her
lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his
wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers;
I Know My Rights
I Want It Now
Someone Else Is To Blame
I’m A Victim

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone. If you
still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.

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